BASI Pilates Australia Launches New Blog Series with BASI Pilates Australia Faculty, Emily Lamb


We are thrilled to introduce our brand new BASI Pilates Australia blog series by BASI Faculty and Student Affairs Coordinator, Emily Lamb.

In her role of Faculty and Student Affairs, Emily is in contact with current students on an almost daily basis so she knows the common student questions, challenges and queries that often come up. She’ll be covering some of these, along with some very useful study tips. Plus she is inviting students to suggest topics too.

Starting a new Pilates instructor training course can be a bit daunting. Whether you are beginning your BASI Pilates teacher training journey or continuing on with advanced Pilates education you’ll find heaps of useful information packed into this blog series. Over to you Emily…

A Message from Emily

BASI Pilates faculty Emily Lamb familyHi There!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Emily Lamb, BASI Pilates Faculty, Student Affairs Coordinator for BASI Pilates Australia, wife and mummy of 3 cuties (plus a spoiled dog, Burlie and a solo fish … nameless).

I wanted to share with you the goals we have for this upcoming blog.

We want to post to inspire and encourage growth in your Pilates journey as well as give clarity and tips to make it a fulfilling one.

BASI Pilates is all about community and family! We hope this blog is another little reminder that you are part of that.

I have had to determine which Pilates course is best for me, go through the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Global Program, study and remember every. single. exercise.  I have felt those pre-exam shakes that come with the dry mouth and sudden onset of amnesia.

I have started and successfully run a home Pilates studio in between renovating, morning … well … all day sickness, newborns and just daily life. I have since had the joy of joining the BASI Pilates Faculty team and the study continues (I love it!).

So please know I am writing from experience and compassion, my story is different to each of yours but in this case, we have one commonality … PILATES!

I want to share blogs that honour your time.  I want to keep them short and helpful.  I hope to provide questions that allow you to think things through.

There are times when tools can be far more rewarding than answers.

Be sure to send through topics and questions, we would love to hear from you!

After all … you’re family!


Get in Touch

Please send your topics and questions through to Emily at  with Blog Topic as a subject heading.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!