Three Tips to Get the Most out of BASI Australia Tutorials by Emily Lamb

Over the past few months, we (BASI Pilates Australia) have been looking at how we can continue to offer support to students as you move through the teacher training courses and continue to grow in your BASI journey as a graduate.

We have started up the blog with the goal being to provide bite size chunks of information to inspire growth.  Monthly masterclasses and yearly workshops to ensure depth of knowledge is continuing and you receive opportunities to learn from the different faculty here in Australia.

However, we also understand that your brain and body receive a lot of information over the Pilates teacher training programs (both Mat and Comprehensive courses). Which is what we want! BASI Pilates desires to give you as much information as they can to ensure you have a deep foundation to build your Pilates career on.

But we want to ensure that you have a space in which to find clarity on any questions that pop up.  Whether it is different exercises, anatomy or the character and qualities of an instructor.

I will be hosting 2 x 1.5hr Zoom sessions in the next few months for our BASI Australia students.  In these sessions you will be able to come with your questions and anything you need to talk through as you work towards your exams and beyond.

Here are three tips to help you get the most out of this time with me.

1. Understand the role of BASI Faculty and Students .

My role as faculty during these tutorials is not to provide you with the solution and answer straight up – that would rob you of learning and understanding the work deeply.  My role however, can help you create focus in the right direction along with good knowledge in order to understand a bigger picture.  

It is important to understand that you as the student have a role also.  What I can’t do is instil motivation and discipline.  I can’t make you want to dig deeper or enjoy the learning process.  I can’t motivate you to slow down and delve deep into each exercise and the cues, objectives and focuses.  That has to come from you.

When these two roles are clear in everyone’s minds, fruitful and exciting growth can definitely come!

2. Prepare Well – Respect my time and yours

It is easy to run through questions and goals in your head and just pop them to the side for later.  However, I encourage you to have a running list of questions and goals as they come into your head.  Even if they seem silly or pointless there is no harm in writing them down.  You still have a choice whether or not to read them out.

By preparing, you will be able to articulate well during our session and know if there are further questions you may need to ask depending on the answer.

If you think you know the answer but are not 100% sure, that’s ok – I want to hear what you think.  You will remember and learn so much more working through your own thought process.

Answers are great but don’t be in a rush to skip them. Questions and the conversation following can often be far more rewarding.

3. Don’t Just do it for yourself

We are created for community.  When we talk and share with others who have a common interest, flow develops.  Others hear your questions and comments and it triggers their own thoughts and ideas.  A flowing conversation is contagious and rich. It’s what makes time fly.

These tutorial sessions are time and money so you definitely want to be getting something out of it for your own development.  However, if you also come with humility and a desire to share (even if you’re a bit nervous) you will impact others and inspire their learning and depth of knowledge also.

So much clarity can come from brainstorming and talking with others.

I am so excited to be able to sit down and hear about how your study is going.  I love talking out the exercises and digging deeper into them as well as being challenged to think about how our bodies are working and designed to work. I will learn and grow just as much as each of you.  What a joy!

I really hope you will join me for these sessions.  Lets value community and being part of the BASI Family.  

Move well


Save the dates – Online Tutorials 2022

Tutorial 1 | Wednesday, 27 April at 7pm AEST
Tutorial 2 | Wednesday, 25 May at 7pm AEST

Interested in studying to become a BASI Pilates instructor in 2022?

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