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BASI Australia is the Australian business partner for BASI Systems®. You can follow BASI Systems Australia on Instagram @basisystemsau.

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BASI Systems Equipment Available

BASI Systems Pilates equipment available to order includes Reformer, Reformer with Tower, Reformer Combo, Trapeze Table (Cadillac) Arm Chair Barrel Set, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, Wall Tower and Ped-a-Pull. Upgrades such as the F2 System and accessories also available. Check out the full equipment available via the BASI Systems website. Contact us at to discuss your studio needs.

BASI Systems Cadillac Trapeze Table

Effortless Movement – Infinite Adjustability

  • Ultimate Precision, Flexibility and Comfort
  • The largest mat in the industry
  • Fine-tuning control of spring positioning
  • Orthopedic cushioning and non-slip anti-bacterial vinyl
  • Option to upgrade to the F2 System
  • 3 extension leg height to suit all studio spaces

BASI Systems Reformer with Tower

Effortless Movement – Infinite Adjustability

  • Space-saving design
  • Can be used as a Reformer, Reformer with Tower and Raised Mat
  • The longest and widest carriage in the industry
  • Orthopedic padded cushion
  • Enhanced Pulley System
  • Equipped with four ports to accommodate the F2 System

BASI Systems Packages

Save money with a BASI Systems package… Whether you are setting up a small home Pilates studio or looking to kit out a large Pilates studio space we have a package for you.  Contact us at to discuss your Pilates studio requirements. Here’s a taster of some of our most popular packages.

BASI Systems Australia News

BASI Pilates Australia host studio – The Pilates Centre Canberra recently upgraded their studio Pilates equipment with BASI Systems Australia finely crafted Pilates equipment. Studio owner, Felicia Darbyshire-Pirie was thrilled and posted these kind words on their social media channels.

“Our clients absolutely loved their workouts this morning playing on the new equipment – we’re the only Pilates studio in Canberra with these state of the art BASI products”

Contact us via the form below if you want to find out more about BASI Systems Australia finely crafted Pilates equipment for your studio.

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